If you want to join the largest social trading network worldwide with a huge choice of experienced forex and cfd traders you should sign up with eToro. Here you can trade, invest, discuss and learn from other traders. eToro is more than a usual forex and cfd broker, it’s a social trading environment. With one click of a button you can follow your preferred trader(s) and from then on their trades are being copied in your portfolio. The eToro community consists of 4.5 million traders, investors and other people interested in financial markets from 170 countries worldwide. With single click of a button you can select your trader(s) according to certain criteria like performance, draw down or absolute profit and thus profit from the knowledge of the best traders worldwide.


eToro was the first social trading platform and has an ambitious vision: Make the financial markets accessible to everyone and even to unexperienced people. It stands as a global marketplace where people from accross the world can come together and trade. eToro is designed as an open investment network where anyone can join and contribute their skills to the community. eToro is fully regulated and licensed in Europe (CySec) and Great Britain (eToro UK, FCA). You can use eToro from almost any country worldwide except from the USA.

How to make money with eToro?

Basically you have two ways to make money with eToro: Either you are an experienced daytrader and sell your signals to others or you can copy the trading signals from other traders. As a so called “popular investor” you can earn money as soon as someone follows your trades. As a follower you will make money as soon as your trader makes money. Similar to ayondo eToro has implemented a career ladder where you will earn more money the higher you climb:

  • Novice traders begin as a cadet, they earn 25% of the revenue. Prerequisite: Verified account, 1 copier
  • A rising star earns $350 per month, 25% rev share and 10% spread rebate. Prerequisite: 50 copiers, min. account equity $500
  • A champion earns $1000 per month, 30% rev share and 50% spread rebate. Prerequisite: 250 copiers, responsible trading, min. account equity $1000
  • Elite traders earn 2% AUM, 30% rev share and 100% spread rebate. Prerequisite: $300K min. AUM, responsible trading, min. account equity $5000

In order to climb the career ladder you just have to convice others to follow your account. This is mainly by trading a reasonable trading style with a proper risk and money management as well as a steady performance curve.

Social Trading

If you have no idea of how the markets work you can use the social trading function and build a portfolio from experienced forex and cfd traders. First of all you should observe (follow) some experienced traders and as soon as you are convinced you can have them trade your real money (copy). While following other successful traders you can learn from their strategies and thus become a successful daytrader for yourself. Just study carefully their entries and exits. Use the following widget in order to pick the best traders at the moment and follow their trades with a single click of a button.

How does it work?

Watch the following video in order to understand how eToro social investment works:

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