eToro: No more stamp duty on UK Shares

This is an announcement that many traders have been waiting for a long time. In order to make investment more attractive eToro has announced that traders can invest directly in shares through their platform, according to an official eToro announcement.

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Three things that drive crypto trader nuts

Crypto trading is an exiting business. Due to the high volatility of the crypto markets there is plenty of opportunities for day and swing traders. But it is not always that easy to make money with cryptocurrencies. There are mainly three things that drive crypto traders virtually nuts.

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FXPRIMUS uses Blockchain as trade verifier

Normally we all know and use the blockchain technology for cryptocurrency purposes only. But there are several other things by means of which blockchain technology can be applied in order to improve our lives. BTV (Blockchain Trade Verifier) is just one of these. FXPRIMUS is the first online broker to implement this brand new trade verifier technology.

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Trump is concerned about Bitcoin Boom

The biggest advantage of bitcoin & co is anonymity, speed and evasion of traditional payment methods such as wire or credit card transfer. Advantage not only for the good people but for the evil ones as well. Homeland and Secuity Department is concerned about the possibilities offered by cryptocurrencies. Regulation is needed.

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CME Group launches Bitcoin Future!

The CME group has now officially stated they will start testing the new Bitcoin Future next monday, november 20th. This exiting news led to another volatile crypto trading session.

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