Have you ever wondered how to follow a top trader and copy their trades? With ayondo you can not only copy one professional daytrader but 5 at the same time and thus diversify your portfolio. How does it work? You just have to sign up with ayondo and fund your account or test the platform at first on a demo account. With ayondo you can follow your top traders from 100 Euros on while the size of your top trader’s account doesn’t matter as their positions are scaled down to fit your own balance. Following is always proportional. ayondo is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FCA Register number 184333.

Choose your top trader(s)

ayondo has implemented a ranking list by means of which you can filter all traders according to certain criteria:

  • Preferred market
  • Active period of trading
  • Career level
  • Performance
  • Max. draw down
  • Number of followers
  • Real Money Trader
  • etc.

There is no option whatsoever for the traders to skip one of these levels. Every ayondo trader has to go through the same hard certification process. In order to just offer ayondo clients the best traders that apply a reasonable risk and money management, ayondo has implemented 5 trading career level:

  • Street traders are the beginners. They remain at least 30 days on this first step and mustn’t surmount a draw down level of 25%. In order to reach the next step their trading performance must be at least 0.5%
  • Advanced traders remain 60 days on this step and need to show a performance of at least 1%
  • Professional traders remain 90 days on their level and have to provide their followers with at least 1.5% performance.
  • Risk adjusted traders stay 180 days in their level
  • Institutional traders have to provide their followers with at least 6% per year and mustn’t undercut a draw down level of 25% within 365 days in order to stay in this level.

Social Trading with ayondo

Watch the following video in order to understand how ayondo works. If your top trader makes money, you make money, too.

For experienced traders these performance and draw down levels are easy to reach and most of them outperform them. They have been implemented in order to filter off gamblers who want to attract followers with a stunning performance within a short period of time just to crush their trading account in the next moment. Most followers look for steady traders with a reasonnable risk and money management, a profitable trading stratey and a consistant performance equity curve over a long period of time.

toptrader ranking
The top trader ranking list. Find your personal top trader according to several criteria.

Make money as a top trader!

If you are already an experienced top trader, you can sell your trading signals on ayondo. You can increase your income on mainly two ways:

  1. Attract more followers by applying a reasonalbe risk and money management and generating a steady performance curce. The more followers you get the higher grows your income.
  2. Try to reach the top of the career ladder by again sticking to the ayondo trading rules, which is mainly reducing your draw down to a minimum. The higher you climb in the career ladder, the higher your income per follower.

With ayondo you can trade yourself through five career stages to reach an institutional level at last. Bear in mind the good institutional traders just need to reach a performace of 20 – 30 % per year – not more! Don’t set yourself under pressure to make hundreds of percents, followers don’t appreciate gamblers and high risk traders.

1 to 5 Euro per Lot

When climbing the ayondo trade career ladder you can earn 1 – 5 Euro per Follower Lot, according to your actual status. While Street Traders earn just 1 Euro per Follower Lot, Institutional traders will earn 5 Euro per Follower Lot! Don’t hesitate and turn your trading skills into real money!

Trading on the trade hub platform

ayondo has no MT4 API but their own trading platform, called Trade Hub. ayondo markets is an FCA regulated Broker and linked to the ayondo signal service. Trade Hub is a highly intuitive platform and very customisable to your needs. The Trade Hub platform excels by a fast order execution. You can choose your margin from low levels to 100%. There’s also a mobile trading solution available for you to monitor your trades on the go. Please watch the following video in order to get an idea of the stunning Trade Hub platform.

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