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Have a look at this stunning performance: Month after month Fxtore, one of the best ayondo traders at the moment, is making great profits. Let’s have a closer look at his stunning performance data.

At the moment Fxtore is number two on the ayondo ranking list. He is trading from august 2015 with ayondo and his drawdown level since then never superceded 16% of his balance. This trader has a great hit ratio of 87 per cent! Thus far he has executed 168 trades and generated an overall performance of 107%. Obviously he doesn’t want to share his trading secret with us but his 93 followers don’t care, they just profit from his stunning performance and follow him with their account.

FXTORE: This trader knows how to trade. Just follow him on ayondo and copy his trades.

Let’s have a look at his monthly performances:

  • August: 33.65%
  • September: 12.12%
  • October: 8.90%
  • November: 17.28%
  • December: 8.40%
FXTORE seems to be a specialst in DAX Trading. He is a professional scalper and generates hundreds of bucks within minutes.

His transaction history shows us that he always uses a StopLoss in case an order doesn’t work. He trades a balance of 200K, all positions of his follower accounts are broken down to the respective size. He is trading between 2 and 15 contracts in the DAX. This is a very good trader. If you want to follow him, just sign up with ayondo and search for his name Fxtore.

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