MrDACHS: 92 per cent performance

If you are looking for a good real money trader on the ayondo platform to follow, you should have a look at MrDACHS who shows a stunning performance for exactly one year now.

Since he registered with ayondo, he made a 92.92% profit on his deposit. According to his own statement this trader is trading the markets for 18 years now as a fulltime daytrader. As you might assume, this trader has specialized in trading the German DAX. This trader sticks to a severe risk and money management. If you follow this trader you don’t need to worry, his maximum drawdown level within this year is as low as 16.33%. To date this trader has executed 984 trades and a hit ratio of 57.72%. This Trader is trading a € 190.000 Real Money Account, so you can be sure that he won’t be keen on wiping that off.

MrDachs has a stunning trading performance of 92 per cent. If you want to follow him just sign up with ayondo markets.

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