96.000 Bitcoins bought by myterious buyer

The $1 billon dollar bet is running. An anonymous buyer from china operating under the acronym “Yi Mei” is reported to have bought 96.000 BTC worth more than $1 billion dollar on a bitcoin exchange. Who might be the anonymous buyer?

According to a leaked email conversation it could be William Ding, CEO of the internet firm  NetEase. When rumrs became rampant, Ding had to justify himself publicly and denied to have bought such a tremendous amount of bitcoins. Furthermore he stated that

he has great concers about the future of the bitcoin blockchain network.

His firm NetEase though seems to be pretty bullish on bitcoin.  Earlier this year the firm confirmed to have invested in a blockchain related startup.

Who is William Ding?

William Ding was the first internet billionaire in china. He made most of his fortune with gaming applicationsamongst other World of Warcraft and community platforms. Today it is estimated at 18.1 billion dollars. So he could invest 1 billion in bitcoins with ease.

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