If you want to join the largest social trading and social investment network worldwide with a huge choice of experienced forex and cfd traders you should sign up with eToro. This company was founded in 2006 by CEO Yoni Assia. Here you can trade, invest, discuss and learn from other traders. eToro is more than a usual forex, crypto and cfd broker, it’s a social trading and social investment environment. With one click of a button you can follow your preferred trader(s) and from then on their trades are being copied into your portfolio. The eToro community consists of more than 5 million traders, investors and other people interested in financial markets from 170 countries worldwide. With a single click of a button you can select your trader(s) according to certain criteria such as performance, draw down or absolute profit and thus profit from the knowledge of the best traders worldwide.

Financial Assets

With eToro you have a large variaty of financial assets tradeable at hand. No matter if you are an ambitious forex, stocks, etf or crypto trader, here you can find the right instrument for your trading success:

  • Currencies (Forex)
  • Commodities (Oil, Gold, Silver etc.)
  • Stocks (Apple, Coca Cola, Caterpillar etc.)
  • ETFs
  • Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, Ripple and more)
  • CopyPortfolios

Crypto Trading with eToro

Crypto Currency trading is a booming market and many people has become very wealthy in the recent months with trading bitcoin & Co due to the soaring prices. On the other hand many people has lost a fortune with cryptos as they didn’t expect them to drop again. Before you start trading you always have to bear in mind that the market can move in either direction and nobody knows where. The only way to make profits with trading and investing is to cut losses. The social trading network eToro has now launched a so called Crypto CopyPortfolio where Investors can buy a whole basket of Crypto Currencies and profit from the boom. Within the Crypto CopyPortfolio the most profitable Crypto Trading stratgies of all eToro traders are combined and you can invest in them with a single click of a button. At the moment, the crypto Copyportfolio consists of the following crypto currencies:

  • BTC (Bitcoin)
  • Ethereum
  • XRP (Ripple)
  • Dash
  • Litecoin
  • ETC (Ethereum Classic)
The eToro Crypto Copyportfolio consists of the most common and most important crypto currencies at the moment. Nonetheles it is just one of many CopyPortfolios available on the platform.

There might be a delisting of one or more coins in the future as soon as the market cap of a crypto currency drops below $1 billion. The CopyPortfolio is rebalanced on a regular basis on every first trading day of a new month. At the moment this portfolio contains almost 600 investors.

Other CopyPortfolios

There is plenty of CopyPortfolios on eToro in which you can invest. Next to the Crypto CopyPortfolio mentioned above there’s a Top Trader CopyPortfolio which comprises the best performing and most sustainable traders on the platform als well as a Market CopyPortfilio, where stocks, commodities and ETFs are being allocated. CopyPortfolios help investors to minimize their risk by diversification. Once you invest in a CopyPortfilio the captial is professionally managed by the eToro investment committee who is looking for the best performance possible. Your CopyPortfolio will be rebalanced automatically every month to maximise its performance potential.


eToro was the first social trading platform and has an ambitious vision: Make the financial markets accessible to everyone and even to unexperienced people. It stands as a global marketplace where people from accross the world can come together and trade. eToro is designed as an open investment network where anyone can join and contribute their skills to the community.


eToro is fully regulated and licensed in Europe (CySec) and Great Britain (eToro UK, FCA). You can use eToro from almost any country worldwide except from the USA.


eToro has implemented many tools that will guide you throughout your first steps as a daytrader and help you understanding the power of the leverage effect and the importance of a proper money management.

How to make money with eToro?

You want to live free and financially independent? Well eToro will be the platform of your choice. You can work from any place in the world provided you have access to the internet. Basically you have two ways to make money with eToro: Either you are an experienced daytrader and sell your signals to others or you can copy the trading signals from other traders. As a so called “popular investor” you can earn money as soon as someone follows your trades. As a follower you will make money as soon as your trader makes money. eToro has implemented a career ladder where you will earn more money the higher you climb:

  • Novice traders begin as a cadet, they earn 25% of the revenue. Prerequisite: Verified account, 1 copier
  • A rising star earns $350 per month, 25% rev share and 10% spread rebate. Prerequisite: 50 copiers, min. account equity $500
  • A champion earns $1000 per month, 30% rev share and 50% spread rebate. Prerequisite: 250 copiers, responsible trading, min. account equity $1000
  • Elite traders earn 2% AUM, 30% rev share and 100% spread rebate. Prerequisite: $300K min. AUM, responsible trading, min. account equity $5000

In order to climb the career ladder you just have to convince others to follow your account. This is mainly by trading a reasonable trading style with a proper risk and money management as well as a steady performance curve.

Social Trading

If you have no idea of how the markets work you can use the social trading function and build a portfolio of experienced forex-, cfd, stocks and crypto traders. First of all you should observe (follow) some experienced traders and as soon as you are convinced you can have them trade your real money (copy). While following other successful traders you can learn from their strategies and thus become a successful daytrader for yourself. Just study carefully their entries and exits. Take advantage of our righthand side widget in order to pick the best traders at the moment and follow their trades with a single click of a button.

The eToro CopyTrader

Heart of the eToro social trading network is the so called CopyTrader™ which comes as a groundbreaking system that enables you to copy other investors. All you have to do is to pick an investor you want to follow, determine a certain allocation amount of your deposit, decide whether to copy their already open trades or not and click “copy”. Every trade executed by the investor will from now on being mirrored on your account. The managing of stops, take profits and opening of new trades included. Just sit back and relax and watch your trader work. If he or she doesn’t perform properly you can just dismiss them with a single click of a button and go for another one.

People Discovery Tool

Before you can pick a trader you should explore all of them with the people discovery tool. This is a simple search mechanism that makes it easy to find a proper trader according to your needs an expectations. Theres a list of searching parameter settings by means of which you can filter the best traders on the platform:

  • Verified trader
  • Return in %
  • Risk Score
  • Amount of trades
  • Daily DD
  • Weekly DD
  • Profitable Months
  • Last Activity
  • and many more …
By means of the people discovery tool you can set up many filter options in order to find the best traders on the network.

Top Traders Insights

As soon as you are registered on the eToro platfom you will have access to the Top Traders Insight Widget. This live updated widget will be found under “trading tools” and collects data from the top 1000 traders on the network and you can see at a glance who’s worth an investment. This instrument displays as well the top 10 most traded instruments along with a statistics of current Long and Short positions.

XRP – Ripple in the service of banks

Watch the following video that shows you how blockchain will change the world of banking and investment:

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