eToro: No more stamp duty on UK Shares

This is an announcement that many traders have been waiting for a long time. In order to make investment more attractive eToro has announced that traders can invest directly in shares through their platform, according to an official eToro announcement.

Thus an investor can hold stocks, cryptocurencies and other financial assets such as ETFs in one portfolio. In the past the only way to invest in stocks was to buy CFDs, from now on you can trade real stocks with eToro.

Stamp duty is over

Especially traders from the UK will love the new fact that eToro will absorb stamp duty on UK shares in order to attract more traders. Every UK trader who paid tons of money in the past for stamp duty can now switch to eToro and trade UK shares for free. eToro will cover that cost from the platform fees and the spread that each and every trader has to pay and which is just 0.09% per round turn. This is in order to make trading easier and more attractive especially for UK traders or traders who know the UK stock market very well.

10 million users and more improvement

The development of eToro in the past few years is very impressive. What once started as a forex bucket shop has now become a serious investment platform with more than 10 million traders worldwide. Not only that you can invest in stocks, ETFs, more than ten cryptocurrencies and commodieties you can even follow other successful traders and just copy their portfolio. Given that Yoni Assia CEO of eToro has started to bring crypto trading to the USA, the platform has a bright future.

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