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If you are lookin for a profitable Daytrader on the eToro social trading network you shold have a look at the german boy Sebastian Pfeiffer, alias Socialnvest. This daytrader knows how to trade the German DAX. He mainly trades the DAX, NASDAQ100 and the Dow Jones Index.

Sebastian joined the social investment network in march 2015 and he has executed 2572 trades so far, 72% of which ended with a profit. 1590 copier profit from his trades – just make sure to be one of them! His overall performance in this short period of time is very impressive. 80% of his trades were profitable. In order to give you a short impression of his performance in the past month:

  • March: + 147 %
  • April + 86 %
  • May + 48 %
  • June + 121 %
  • July – 12 %
  • August + 26 %
sebastian-pfeiffer socialnvest
If you want to build a trader portfolio on eToro just make sure to add Socialnvest. This trader knows how to make his followers happy.

Sebastian executes 90 trades per week. The average holding time of a trade is 10 hours. If you want to set up your trader portfolio with eToro make sure to add Socialnvest (Sebastian Pfeiffer).

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