One year of eToro CopyFunds interview with CEO

In this new interview eToro CEO Yoni Assia gives an interview about the past year on the trading platform and the situation of the markets  and he talks about the new implementations of eToro CopyFunds:

  • It was a crazy year for eToro with a tremendous growth by hundreds of percentages
  • Implementation of CopyFunds especially the Crypto CopyFund was a great success
  • Yoni Assia believes in the future of cryptocurrencies
  • One year ago eToro copyfunds were launched: There is TopTraders CopyFunds and other CopyFunds
  • Within CopyFunds TopTraders and/or top assets are picked by the eToro team
  • Risk is being spread by the use of CopyFunds
  • CopyFund for partners allows big investment firms to launch their own fund project on eToro, e. g. AlphaCore that invest in the best ETFs worldwide
  • It is by far cheaper and simpler to set up a fund with eToro compared to the traditional way over banks
  • The CryptoFund invests in the top 7 cryptocurrencies
  • CrisprFund invests in Crisper Techology (cancer research)
  • In 2010 Yoni Assia became “addicted” to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. To date he is very fascinated by the possibilities and believes in their future.
  • Cryptocurrencies for eToro are picked according to their trading volume and market capitalization
  • eToro is looking at a possibility for their customers to invest in ICOs (high risk)
  • It will be even possible to short ICOs
  • JP Morgan may work on their own cryptocurrency
  • Bitcoin Cash is faster and cheaper than Bitcoin within a transaction
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash are Yoni’s favorite cryptos
  • Yoni Assias performance was 270 % real money in the last year. He is largely invested in Cryptocurrencies and Tech Stocks
  • How is eToro affected by the BREXIT? He hopes that it won’t be hard and that eToro won’t be affected by the BREXIT
  • eToro will be tradeable one day itself as it was expanding very much.
  • Cryptos and biotechnology are the main playing fields in the future on eToro.

Interview with Yoni Assia about the past Year, Cryptocurrencies and plans for the future

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