Trade Bitcoin Cash Short with eToro

Will Bitcoin Cash outperform his big brother bitcoin soon? Nobody knows, but since the last bitcoin hard fork segwit 2x has been put off, bitcoin has suffered wheras bitcoin cash went through the roof. How can you profit from that?

Trade BCH now Long or Short with eToro and profit from falling prices.

From now on you can trade bitcoin cash cfds with eToro even in short direction. What does that mean? Bitcoin Cash is now the third largest alt coin crypto currency. From November 8th to the 12th BCH went through the roof – due to the postponed bitcoin hard fork.

What happened?

After the the last and recent bitcoin gold hard fork the bitcoin community was not very happy to hear about a new hard fork, as such event always comes with some days of incertainty and instability. Nobody knows what happens next. But in fact hard forks are necessary to keep the crypto currencies lean, safe and up to date such as our beloved windows 10 or apple iOs. The refusal of hard forks is no solution.

Bitcoin gets thicker and slower

The bitcoin once was designed to become a modern, slim and fast online transaction crypto currency.  But it has become thick and lazy, transactions need a lot of time, processing power and current, it is no longer a real crypto currency for buying a pizza or an ice cream with your dealer next door. The Bitcoin has become gambling product whose value increases month after month just due to the fact that it is no fiat money and that there will never be more than 21 million bitcoins worldwide availabe and mining gets harder and harder.

The hedge is the edge

Bitcoin Cash is now availabe for short selling on eToro under the abbrevation BCH. By means of short selling you can hedge your bitcoin or bitcoin cash wallet from losses in volatile phases.

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