FXPRIMUS uses Blockchain as trade verifier

Normally we all know and use the blockchain technology for cryptocurrency purposes only. But there are several other things by means of which blockchain technology can be applied in order to improve our lives. BTV (Blockchain Trade Verifier) is just one of these. FXPRIMUS is the first online broker to implement this brand new trade verifier technology.

As part of their relationship with trade.io the online forex and cfd broker FXPRIMUS is now implementing the BTV technology for their clients. BTV stands for Blockchain Trade Verifier and ensures that the data being displayed within the client’s MT4 terminal hast not been tampered with and is 100% transparent.

Verify every transaction

By means of the Blockchain Technology the Broker can ensure that the transaction has been put through properly. Every transaction can be verified on the blockchain. The new and intuitive trading interface is easy to handle. All of your trading transactions can be published on the publicly available distributed ledger. At the same time personal data will be protected. Only the trade numbers will be visible along with your trade details, hence all your personal account information will be protected at all times.

No more Broker Scam!

With the help of the Blockchain technology your broker is unable to intervene or alter your trading conditions for its own benefit, thereby proving that FXPRIMUS is the safest place to trade. If you are interested in this brand new trade verifier technology just open an FXPRIMUS account and try it out for yourself. You like this idea of using the blockchain for data security purposes? Show it to others and share this article!

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