CME Group launches Bitcoin Future!

The CME group has now officially stated they will start testing the new Bitcoin Future next monday, november 20th. This exiting news led to another volatile crypto trading session.

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Bitcoin soars again to USD 7200

Once again the Bitcoin bubble did not burst – agains all odds. The 30% sell off in the last few days was just the aftermath of the postponed bitcoin hardfork. Bitcoin is again heading for new highs, but what is the reason for that? Basically there’s some good news for the Bitcoin and other crypto currencies:

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Trading #Bitcoin on eToro

Encrypted currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum are the recent highflyers in the markets. The largest advantage of the Bitcoin: It cannot be reproduced endlessly. There will be onle round about 21 Million Bitcoins worldwide due to the complex mining process. From now on you can trade Bitcoins on the eToro social trading platform!

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eToro introduces ETF trading

eToro startet several years ago as a small forex broker for private investors with the aim to bring financial markets into the average household. Now eToro has become the largest social trading network in the world with nearly 4 million members. One year ago eToro started to extend their forex and cfd portfolio with simple stocks based on cfds, from now on you can trade even ETFs.

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ZuluTrade introduces CFD trading

Social trading is an upcoming trend on the internet. While eToro and ayondo offer CFD trading already for a long time, ZuluTrade was only offering forex. Signalprovider can from now on sell their profitable CFD trading signals on ZuluTrade and link their Metatrader platform to the system.

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Important Metatrader Add Ons

The basic Metatrader 4 platform comes with an insufficient one-click-trading panel and basically no risk and money management options. In order to improve our trading results and in order to calculate our risk in pips or percent within seconds we need to provide our Metatrader 4 platform with additional tools.

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Introduction into MT4 platform

In the second article of our new section “learn daytrading from scratch” we need you to make familiar with the Metatrader 4 trading platform. In order to be a succesful daytrader you need to know every important function of your trading platform by means of which you can manage your risk and your running trade.

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