Economic Calendar

Before you start your trading day you should always have a look at this economic calendar. There’s many important events that can affect your trading:

Watch the whole week in the economic calendar

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  • FOMC: Mind FOMC meetings as there’s a high volatility to be expected. Stock markets tend to soar 24 hours prior to FOMC meetings due to the positive expectations of investors.
  • Non-farm-payroll: Every first friday each month the volatiliy the unemployment rate of the us is issued. The most important event in the news calendar, high volatility is to be expected.
  • Crude Oil inventories, Heating Oil stock piles and Crude Oil imports will affect commodity traders.

Next to the FOMC Meeting and other interest anounouncements Forex traders should mind commodity news as well as there are some currencies that are highly correlated with commodities:

  • CAD with Oil
  • AUD an NZD with Gold and Oil