If you want to take advantage of a social trading platform that supports your Metatrader 4, then ZuluTrade is the best option for you. Compared to eToro that provide their own trading platforms, ZuluTrade is just the “intermediary” between signal provider and copier. The ZuluTrade system works as follows:

  1. Sign up with ZuluTrade and select your preferred broker. We highly recommend using AAAFX as their “house broker” or Amana Capital with lowest spreads, lowest latency and best and fastest order execution.
  2. Fund your account with the respective broker
  3. Choose your preferred trader(s) and follow them proportionally. This means, if your top trader is trading 100 k account and you follow him with a 1000 USD account, your trades are being executed proportionally in microlots.

ZuluTrade Advantages

There are few social trading platforms available but ZuluTrade has some special advantages compared to others:

  • Choose amongst more than 50 ZuluTrade partner Brokers
  • 1.5 million users and 30k Traders to follow
  • Unique auto trading an risk management features available such as ZuluRanking and ZuluGuard
  • Expert Advisor support and other trading scripts
  • Android and Apple App available

Account Types

ZuluTrade offers 2 different account types: Classic and Profit Sharing Account. You can choose amongst those 2 according to your needs and preferences.

Classic Account

This account type is recommended for rather advanced users. Your copy trading can be manually or fully customized. In this account type you will earn volume based commissions.

Profit-Sharing Account

This type of account is recommended for beginners. Learn how to trade properly by copying other successful traders. Your Traders are compensated by your profits and penalized in  case of loss. In this account you profit from lower commissions and thus better trading conditions.


There’s hardly any trader out there who can trade currencies, stocks and cryptos successfully at once. Instead most traders specialize in one ore another asset and drive their skills to perfection. What if you could follow a crypto guru and an index guru at the same time with your account and without any knowledge of trading? With the new ZuluTrade Combos it is possible. Combos are a dynamic combination of some individual traders who are monitored and updated on a regular basis. By joining a combo you can diversify your risk and suck the most performance out of successful ZuluTraders. The combos are created automatically by a clever algorithm that looks constantly for a combination of successful trading strategies. ZuluTrade picks only traders with a performance of %30 and more who made at least 50 trades in the past.

How can I join a combo?

If you want to follow a Traders’ combo just fund your account with at least $ 500 and pick your risk appetite. If you don’t mind risking a higher percentage of your account bear in mind that the wins as well as the losses of a respective trade can be higher. Then choose a Traders’ combo to follow and watch the combo trading your money.

Crypto-Trading with ZuluTrade

With ZuluTrade you can trade the most important cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. When going into the crypto market ZuluTrade offers several possibilities:

  • Copy experienced crypto traders from around the globe and have their trades mirrored into your account
  • Design a full automated crypto Expert Advisor with ZTP, ZuluTrade’s web based trading station
  • Open a profit sharing account and trade cryptocurrencies with reduced commissions

Broker recommendation

ZuluTrade can be used with a large variety of MT4 Brokers. If you don’t have a broker yet, we recommend AAAFX, which is the best ZuluTrade Broker available. This broker is perfectly implemented into the ZuluTrade environment and you will experience the best trade execution possible with a minimum of slippage.

Autorotation of traders

One problem with signal provider systems occurs when the signal provider changes their strategy or suffers a draw down. As a result, the signal provider and their followers suffer losses. In order to avoid such unneeded losses, ZuluTrade has implemented an auto-rotation system that removes any trader from your portfolio if it detects a change in their strategy. If for example, a given trader starts to risk suddenly 20% of their balance, they will be disconnected from your portfolio and replaced by another one. The new trader will be picked automatically by the ZuluTrade ranking system. These settings can be modified manually in your settings section.

ZuluGuard protects your account

Previous social trading solutions struggled mainly with one problem: Once a trader with a stunning trading performance was chosen, either the trader or the follower started suddenly over-leverageing their account because of greed, which leaded to drastic financial losses or even a wiped out trading account.  In order to protect followers from greedy traders, or rather greedy “gamblers”, ZuluTrade has implemented the ZuluGuard function in order to protect your account. Here is how it works: The ZuluGuard™ automatically calculates a trading exit value for each trade opened in your account based on the best/worst trade chart. When the red line is hit by the blue line, ZuluGuard™ will close all open positions and replace this trader with a highly ranked one instantly.

Trade on the go

Never miss a winning trade and take your ZuluTrade account with you on the go. In order to monitor your follower account or in order to place new trades, ZuluTrade provides you with several smartphone and tablet appications for:

  • iPad and iPhone
  • Android
  • Windows Phone and
  • BlackBerry

This is ZuluTrade

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