ZuluTrader VitalSurge2 knows how to trade

If you would like to stay with your Metatrader Broker and subscribe to profitable signal providers, ZuluTrade is the social trading platform of your choice. First of all I will show you how to select a profitable trader, secondly I show you the result. VitalSurge2 is a trader worth following.

If you are new to the ZuluTrade platform the first thing you have to do is to choose a good forex broker. We highly recommend choosing AAAFX, as this broker is the “house broker” of Zulutrade and already implemented into the whole system. With AAAFX you profit from the tightest spread and the lowest latency. Once you have setup your broker account, you need to choose good trader to follow. Go to the ZuluTrade homepage and klick on “Top Traders” or the performance button in order to select your trader.

ZuluTrade home
With a single click of a button you get to the best trades ranking site.

You will be impressed if I tell you that you just need to tick only 3 boxes in order to find the best ZuluTrade traders:

  1. Tick the box that only traders shold show up who are in the top 100
  2. Tick the radio button that only traders should show  up whose account is profitable
  3. Filter out all traders, whose drawdown is higher than 20 per cent.
ZuluTrade selection of traders
ZuluTrade selection of traders: You just need to tick three boxes in order to find good and profitable traders with a reasonable risk and money management

Applying these filters all traders with a reasonable money management remain in your selection. In the next step have a look at the column “weeks” and avoid traders who are new to  ZuluTrade. Why? It is very likely for anyone to generate a large profit in trading, the secret is how to keep your profits over a long period of time and not to lose it anymore.



Vitalsurge2: This trader is worth a closer look.

Having done that, VitalSurge2 is one of the best trades on the ZuluTrade platform you can follow:

  • He is trading for 25 weeks on ZuluTrade
  • His profit within this period is 6940 pips
  • He has 3614 followers who profit from his trading
  • He has executed 581 trades, 482 (82%) of which ended with profit
  • His drawdown is as low as 12%! This level indicates that this trader says goodbye to losing trades very quickly

Why don’t you just follow VitalSurge2 on ZuluTrade? If you already do so, just drop us a comment below and tell us about your experience.

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